Starfire Aquarium 60p Aquarium


Starfire Aquarium:

  • Comes with a custom black matt
  • Low iron glass or opti-white
  • 5mm thick for added support
  • Sleek silicon work, not visible
  • Popular in modern aquarium use, gives the appearance of no to little glass when viewing
  • Easy to clean and scratch resistant
  • Courier options are available nationwide at an extra cost

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Starfire Aquarium: 30p (30cm x 18cm x 24cm), 40p (40cm x 22cm x 27cm), 45p (45cm x 28cm x 30cm), 50p (50cm x 26cm x 32cm), 50p (50cm x 33cm x 35cm), 60p (60cm x 30cm x 36cm)

What is a Starfire glass aquarium?

Starfire glass is the brand name for a type of low-iron, a high-clarity glass used for one or more viewing panels on an aquarium. The term may be a bit confusing as people often use the term Starfire in a generic way, similar to Kleenex for facial tissues, to describe any aquarium made with low-iron glass.

Low-iron glass is made with silica that has a low iron content that eliminates the greenish-blue tint you see in regular glass applications. The sand used for low-iron glass has just 0.01% ferric oxide, and regular plate glass will have ten times more.

As you’ll notice when shopping for an aquarium, Starfire and other brands of low-iron glass are more expensive. High-end aquariums will use the low-iron glass.

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