Bolbitis Heteroclita “Difformis”


Baby Leaf or Mini Bolbitis:

  • Tiny leaf structure
  • Bushy plant
  • Stays fairly small, great for nano aquariums
  • Easy to keep
  • Epipyte plant, DO NOT PLANT
  • Attach to rocks/wood using superglue or cotton thread

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Bolbitis heteroclita “difformis” is a small, fine-leaved form of B. heteroclita, originating from the Philippines. It is also sold under the trade names “Mini Bolbitis”, “Davallia sp.”, “Bolbitis Davallia sp.” or “Bolbitis difformis”.

This fern grows very slowly under water and it attaches itself to hardscape with its roots. Its underwater leaves are much smaller than its emerged foliage, and less finely feathered. On old emerged leaves, adventitious plants will form.

We recommend the use of Bolbitis heteroclita “difformis” especially for terraria and paludaria, where this dwarf fern will form dense carpets after some time. It does not have any special demands regarding the substrate, which ought to be kept moist but not too damp nonetheless.

This tiny fern is sold under various trade names, e.g. e.g. “mini Bolbitis”, “Davallia spec.” and “Bolbitis Davallia spec.”. It has nothing to do with the ferns of the genus Davallia but is a dwarf form of the widely spread and extremely variable tropical Asian fern Bolbitis heteroclita. It was originally described as a species of its own (Edanyoa difformis), originates from the Philippine island Negros and has been in horticultural cultivation for a long time. It has only recently been discovered as aquarium plant, though.

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