Nature Boys

Nature Boys Basta Planaria (Planaria/Hydra Removal)


Nature Boys D-WORM:

  • Liquid is very effective in the treatment of Hydra and Planaria.
  • Its proven to be shrimp and fish safe.
  • Remove all snails before use, as it might kill them.
  • Disclaimer: DO NOT OVERDOSE!

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Dosage for treatment:

  • 0,5ml for every 60litre water volume
  • or 1ml for every 100litre water volume
  • Recommended as a once of treatment for hydra or planaria removal

Make sure you calculate the volume of water within the aquarium and not the size of the aquarium itself. Items in your aquarium take up volume space within the aquarium. A 60litre tank with 9litre of soil will only have 51litre of volume space.

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