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Dennerle Plant Tweezer Straight – 30cm


Stainless steel plant tweezer for aquaria

  • Made of mirror polished stainless steel
  • Very accurate pressure point for precise work
  • With fine grooves on the tip, even the finest plants can be planted safely

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Stainless steel plant tweezers for aquaria

A must for every aquarist, from beginner to aquascaper – our new tools. The highly polished stainless steel not only gives the tools an exclusive look, the material is also rustproof. The tweezers have fine grooves at the tips so that even fine plant roots can be safely gripped. The pleasant and precise pressure point allows very precise work and protects against damage to the roots. The Curved Scissors makes it easier to work in difficult, inaccessible places in the aquarium and the spring function of our Scissors Spring makes it possible to work without effort, especially with ground covers.


Product information

Product name            Plant Tweezer Straight, 30 cm
Article number           2874

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