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Co2 Art

CO2 Art Soda-Stream Adapter

  • New Pro-Series CO2 Adapter for Soda-Stream cylinders.
  • Adjustable precision ON/OFF pin valve.
  • Elbow design allows correct horizontal CO2 regulator installation.
  • Made with anti-corrosion and durable materials.
  • W21.8×14 Outlet

Out of stock


CO2Art SodaStream Adapter

Purchase your new CO2Art adapter for Soda-Stream cylinders. No more direct imports of substandard adapters. Features an adjustable precision ON/OFF pin valve and Elbow design that allows for correct upright CO2 regulator installation. The safest way for CO2 cylinders to be stored. CO2Art Soda-Stream adapter is made with anti-corrosion and durable materials for your convenience. NOTE: Whilst these Soda-Stream adapters might be a cheaper solution for CO2 startups, it is recommended to run a propper CO2 system with a steel bottle. The regulator you will use with such a setup would be the Co2 Art Pro SE Co2 Regulator with Solenoid or . Being premium products, they feature the best quality engineering. In conclusion, it would be best long term to invest in a proper CO2 regulator with a steel bottle.

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