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PRO Pro-Elite Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

  • Dual stage regulator
  • Prevents dumping at the bottom of the tank maintaining stable levels of Co2
  • Integrated valve with smooth and precise adjustment.
  • Optional APEX PRO-Elite CO2 Manifold Block for multi-planted Co2 distribution in aquariums

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APEX PRO-Elite Dual Stage CO2 Aquarium Regulator

Minimalistic design manufactured for aquarists (not adapted from other industries), elegant and straightforward to use


– Dual stage regulator prevents end-tank-dump keeping your aquarium livestock safe and CO2 levels constant.
– Allows a single CO2 cylinder to be split and distributed amongst multiple planted aquariums by using APEX PRO-Elite CO2 Manifold Block;
– Very high precision adjustment, integrated needle valve with smooth and precise adjustment;
– Heavy (Not light, like other cheap regulators made of aluminum), so not easily broken;
– DC voltage power supply with German Certification. Low power (3W), IP65 solenoid valve;
– Minimalist Design, a product made for aquarists, beautiful and straightforward to use, not adapted from other industries;
– High-quality O-ring sealing. Two times more resistant compared with the ordinary PTFE sealing, transparent;
– DIN 477 / W21.8×14 (EU Connection)
– 3 years warranty

Note: Recommended working pressure 0,25 – 0,30 MPa

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