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Co2 Art

CO2 Art Adapter for Paintball

  • New Pro-Series CO2 Adapter for Paintball cylinders.
  • Adjustable precision ON/OFF pin valve.
  • Elbow design allows correct horizontal CO2 regulator installation.
  • Made with anti-corrosion and durable materials.
  • W21.8×14 Outlet

Courier available nationwide.

4 in stock


CO2Art Paintball Adapter

Purchase your new CO2Art adapter for paintball cylinders. No more direct imports of substandard adapters. Features an adjustable precision ON/OFF pin valve and Elbow design that allows for correct upright CO2 regulator installation. The safest way for CO2 cylinders to be stored.

CO2Art Paintball adapter is made with anti-corrosion and durable materials for your convenience.

NOTE: Whilst these paintball adapters might be a cheaper solution for CO2 startups, it is recommended to run a proper CO2 system with a steel bottle. The regulator you will use with such a setup would be the Co2 Art Pro SE Co2 Regulator with Solenoid. Being premium products, they feature the best quality engineering. Normally when you want to refill your paintball CO2 bottles, you will have to do this at a paintball store. They are usually up to five times more expensive than the professional fire extinguisher retailers. In conclusion, it might be better in the long for you to have a decent CO2 regulator with a steel bottle.

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