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UNS CO2 Paintball Cylinder (Empty)


Features and Specifications for UNS CO2 Paintball Cylinder

Volume: 1L

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The UNS Paintball CO2 Cylinder is an essential item for implementing a pressurized CO2 system in your planted aquarium. Designed to be paired with the Ultum Nature Systems Dual Stage Mini CO2 Regulator, this CO2 paintball cylinder lends a clean aesthetic and functional performance. The unit features an on/off valve that eliminates the need for pin valves, preventing accidental tank dumps during installation. This feature makes this cylinder a more beginner friendly option and is a great start for those who are new to CO2 injection in planted tanks.

CO2 reserves and depletion rate may vary depending on various external factors such as usage, aquarium plant requirements, and tank size. 

Why CO2 injection is important in a planted tank: 3 main factors contribute to optimal growth of aquatic plants. These factors include, nutrients, light and carbon dioxide (CO2). If any of these are unbalanced, the results are algae growth or the withering of plants. The introduction of CO2 in a planted aquarium allows plants to thrive and grow more efficiently, while also giving them the ability to outcompete algae for nutrients. No matter what type of planted aquarium setup you have, we recommend CO2 injection for better aquarium plant growth.

24 Oz.
Volume: 24 Oz / 1.0L
Working Pressure: 124BAR / 1800PSI
Test Pressure: 207BAR / 3000PSI
Height: 10.8″ / 275MM
Weight: 1.8LB / 0.82KG
Material: AA6061

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