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TNA Glass Planaria Trap – 3 Hole


Planaria Trap:

  • One of the first items we ever purchased
  • Rid your shrimp tank of harmful worms/planaria
  • Place food inside of tube and fill with aquarium water
  • Once sealed place onto the substrate, holes facing down
  • Leave in the aquarium for 24 – 72 Hours and observe what you catch
  • “Do not feed the aquarium while the trap is in the aquarium”
  • Observe what you catch, can remove sooner

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Designed to catch pest worms in the aquarium/shrimp tank.

We have personally used this. It is very simple. Fill the tube with the specific tank water and then add food in the tube – any food will do, some work better than others.

Once the tube is full of water and some food, close the top that it is sealed nicely.

Place the planaria trap down on the substrate with holes of the tubes facing downwards and directly onto the substrate.

Leave the trap in the aquarium for 24 – 72 hours.

Remove and give it a clean in warm water.

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