Saturn Shrimp

Orange Eye Red Devils



  • Amazing red color
  • Also known as Orange Eye Red King Kong Extreme
  • Bred from Extreme Red King Kong Taiwan Bee
  • Popping orange eyes
  • Very active and attractive in any aquarium
  • Must be kept on full caridina parameters
  • Courier available country wide

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Red Devil shrimp are a caridina shrimp. The glowing orange eyes, paired with the dark red shell make up this stunning rare shrimp. The eyes may not be as intense as the high grades as well, but they’re still a bright orange eye. This group is known to throw the white gene. As always, we ship our shrimp younger (roughly 0.5 inch) for a few reasons. Shipping young shrimp is easier on them, as they produce much less waste in transit, and they also just take the stress better at a younger age. We also like to make sure you get as much time with these shrimp as possible. These shrimp live up to 2 years, so getting them to you younger, gives you more time to enjoy.

Other common names are:
Orange Eye Red King Kong (OERKK) or Extreme King Kong Orange Eye, OE Red King Kong, OE Red King Kong Extreme. There are many different names for this shrimp.

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