Aquaforest Macro – 200ml


Highly concentrated basic fertilizer with a complete set of macro elements necessary for intensive plant growth. AF Macro is a precisely selected composition containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) enriched with magnesium. Regular use of AF Macro ensures fast and healthy growth of plants and guarantees their intense and natural coloration. The perfect ratio of macro nutrients provides all the necessary substances that plants use in their natural environment. Macro elements take part in cell structures, proteins and enzymes development, and they’re also a part of nucleic acids. AF Macro is not only the elemental building block, but its components also transport and accumulate energy. Deficiency of macro elements causes growth inhibition, weakening of shoots and discoloration of leaves. AF Macro is perfect for heavily planted aquariums with a small amount of fish.


5 ml AF Macro per 100 l of water two times a week. Recommended parallel use with AF Micro and AF Carbon Boost. Parallel supplementation with other formulas containing macronutrients should not be carried out due to the risk of plant overexposure and algae bloom. Absorbents such as zeolite and/or carbon may reduce effectiveness of the formula. In case of a higher demand for any of macronutrients, AF N Boost, AF PO4, and AF K Boost may be additionally applied.

1 ml in 10 l of aquarium water will raise levels:

  • N Nitrogen 5,0 mg/l (ppm)
  • P Phosphorus 0,35 mg/l (ppm)
  • K Potassium 2,50 mg/l (ppm)
  • Mg Magnesium 1,2 mg/l (ppm)

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Acclimation of your shrimp:

We use the rule of three (3)

  • One part is their water that we send them in and 2 parts is your tank water.

Drip Acclimation Tools:

  1. Small tupperware bowl or something similar
  2. Plastic cup or aquarium airline hose
  3. Scissors
  4. Shrimp or fish net
  5. Airline tubing

Removing Shrimp from the Bag:

If you received your shrimp in a breather bag you’ll want to place the bag directly inside the tupperware. Make sure to not pour the shrimp out because they may get stuck inside the bag.

  1. With your scissors, cut the side of the bag, starting from the top. This will let the water pour out the bag and the bag will remain inside the bowl with the shrimp.
  2. Carefully remove the shrimp that remained behind in the bag. You can also dip the bag in the water to achieve this.
  3. Your shrimp should now be inside the tupperware.

Using airline tubing to acclimate:

  1. Allow water to drip into the tupperware with shrimp at 2 – 3 drops per second. Apply the rule of 3 here, One part existing water from shrimp bag and 2 parts your existing tank water. Dripping should take 1 hour to complete. We believe that dripping shrimp for hours on end creates more stress and can harm your newly purchased critters.
  2. Once the water in the tupperware is mainly tank water you can safely introduce your shrimp to your tank.
  3. We have had a 100% success rate with the above method.

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