PetStopSA – Rietfontein

We sell Aquarium fish, Reptiles, Spiders, Birds, Dogs, Cats, Small animals and all their food and accessories. We are part of the Pet Stop SA group.
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Nature Boys

In 2017 I started keeping shrimp after years of only keeping fish. I was intrigued by these new additions, and soon my curiosity led me to see that I could have better results in my shrimp tanks by feeding these shrimp a diet closer to what they find in nature.
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Distributors of Leading International Aquascaping gear in South Africa. We are continuously expanding our portfolio striving to bring the highest quality brands to the aquascaping hobby in South Africa.
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Nathab Aquatic Shop

Nathab Online Aquatic Shop specialises in Botanicals, Minerals, Shrimp Food, Shrimp, Fish, Moss & Plants, Pest Control, Substrate, Hardscape and Miscellaneous Aquatic products
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Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants specialise in AQUARIUM PLANTS and produce them in tissue culture / micropropagation in our LABORATORY based in Pretoria, South Africa.
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Aqua Atlantis

Store that specialises in a variety of rare freshwater aquatic plants. Their aim is to make these stunning fresh water plants more accessible to South Africans all over the country.
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