Saturn Shrimp and AquaScaping offers the following services:


  • Delivery of all aquarium items to your door, via The Courier Guy*
  • Specialise in breeding of freshwater dwarf shrimp
  • Aquascaping – creating underwater gardens or natural looking ecosystems with live plants for your aquarium
  • In-home installations of freshwater planted tanks or shrimp tanks
  • Supply clients with freshwater shrimp and fish species
  • Maintenance of all types of freshwater & marine aquariums. Outsourced to a maintenance team.
  • Restoration of freshwater aquariums – give your aquarium a new look
  • Advice on how to improve your freshwater aquariums¬†
  • In store tours of the shop with full explanations to all clients
  • In store appointments to allow customers to view all display aquariums