Aponogeton Longiplumulosus


Lace Variation Plant – Madagascar Bulb Plant:

  • Stunning leaf structure!
  • Bulb plant, might arrive without leaves.
  • Plant bulb with top half above the soil to avoid rotting.
  • Very popular plant within the hobby.
  • Quite rare as farm grown stock in minimal.
  • Addition of root tabs and fertilizers help a lot!

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Aponogeton longiplumulosus from Madagascar has large, fluted leaves (35-60 cm long), making it a wonderful plant which can be recommended for large aquariums (the whole plant becomes 25-40 cm wide).

The bulb can be covered with the bottom layer, as long as the sprout tip is at the soil surface. It is relatively undemanding and makes no special demands on water quality. A Nutrition capsule placed under the bulb enhances the growth considerably. It also flowers frequently, making it a beautiful addition to any large open aquarium.

It stops growing at regular intervals, but normally starts again after a few weeks of dormancy.

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