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Dennerle Nano Corner Filter XL/60


Compact corner filter for freshwater aquariums

  • Quiet and quiet
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Water flow continuously adjustable
  • Filter outlet can be rotated by 90 °
  • Filters can be operated standing or lying

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The nano corner filter is powerful with a pump output of 150 l / h ( Corner Filter 100: 390 l / h ). The pump runs so smoothly and quietly that it is practically inaudible. And the power consumption is also impressive: only 2 watts ( Corner Filter 100: 5.1 watts ) – that conserves natural resources. The water flow can be regulated continuously and the water flow can be directed in any desired direction through the filter outlet, which can be rotated by 90 degrees. The filter has a nozzle tube with integrated cleaning slide, as well as a mini brush for easy cleaning of the nozzle openings. Due to narrow suction openings and a very fine-pored pre-filter sponge, the nano corner filter is also safe for young shrimps. Cleaning the filter element is child’s play: Simply grasp the filter on the outlet pipe and pull it forward, then remove the filter element. It is best to wash out the filter element in a clean bucket with aquarium water so as not to damage the important filter bacteria.

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