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Dennerle Scaper´s Flow Hang-on-Filter (Black)

  • Ultra-quiet
  • Easy clean system
  • Lily pipe vertically adjustable and rotatable
  • Filter material included
  • Secure for baby-shrimp
  • Perfect for 30 – 120Litres
  • 360L/H, 5.6watts

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Scaper´s Flow is an external hang-on filter from Dennerle. It is very well suited for filtering the water and enriching it with oxygen. With it´s vertically and horizontally adjustable lily pipe it can easily be customized to fit the needs of almost every possible layout.

  • With vertically adjustable and rotatable lily pipe:
    Vertically adjustable (max. 10 mm) to adapt to the water level.
    Rotates through 180° for optimum orientation of the water flow.
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Easy clean system: completely removable, easy to clean.
  • Filter material included: pre-filter sponge, high-performance bio-filter material and fine filter pad

Technical data:
For aquarium sizes: 30-120 litres
Pump power max 360 l/h, 5.6 Watt

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