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Root Tabs – 10 Pack

  • Plant fertilizer that you place directly into the soil/gravel.
  • Must be used for heavy root feeding plants that require plenty of nutients.
  • If you have crypts in your aquarium/aqua soil older than 6 months, this is a MUST USE product.
  • You will thank us later when you see the results.

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  • Roots Tabs are a great way to insert fertilizer into the gravel/depleted aqua soil.
  • We recommend adding 1 root tab per 5 – 7cm radius. The lifespan of the 1 root tab is 6 – 9 months.
  • Plant roots require fertilizers to remain healthy to continue to grow. Roots tabs will increase your plant growth.
  • Some plants that require root tabs: Cryptocoryne, Amazon Swords, Rotala, Ludwigia. All these plants grow very well when there roots can access good nutrients.

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