Akadama Japanese Bonzai Soil – Fine (1Litre)


Akadama Soil:

  • Lowers pH levels
  • Great soil for Caridina shrimp
  • Best results when used with RO water and shrimp GH+ salts
  • When new allow aquarium to run for 4 weeks to cycle and pH to stabilize
  • DO NOT WASH THIS SOIL, fill your aquarium very slowly
  • We use this soil in 80% of our Caridina set ups

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Akadama is a granular volcanic clay-like (although it is not clay) mineral which occurs naturally in Japan. It has been extensively used in Japan for many years as a growing medium for bonsai trees and other container-grown plants. It has many unique qualities, one of which is that when it is wet it has a darker colour so indicates when watering is needed. Akadama is unique as a growing medium and is sought after due to its ability for water retention and nutrients due to its high CEC value. However at the same time it provides porosity and free drainage.

Our range includes:

  • 1Litre pre-packed bags. We have a bucket of new Akadama soil that we pre-pack into 1litre bags.
  • 14Litre original bags.

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