PRO pH Test 3.0-10.0

  • Reliably test pH
  • Courier available nationwide

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JBL pH Test 3.0-10.0
Quick test to determine the acidity in ponds as well as in freshwater and marine aquariums

  • Easy and reliable monitoring of the water values of aquariums and ponds. Determines the ideal pH values for freshwater and seawater
  • Quick test: fill plastic vial with sample water, add reagent, read value of the sample off colour chart
  • When to use: for setting up a new aquarium: daily for one week, afterwards weekly
  • Online Laboratory: regular control for a healthy aquarium/pond with natural conditions. JBL has water tests in the form of quick tests or colour change tests for every water analysis. Testing aquarium water for healthy, clear water
  • Contents: 1 refill pack for quick test, contents suffice for approx. 50 measurements, 1 reagent pH 3.0-10.0

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