Saturn Shrimp

Sunkist Orange/Pumpkin


Common Name: Orange Sunkist Shrimp, Sunkist Shrimp, Pumpkin Shrimp, Orange Sakura Shrimp, Orange Shrimp

Orange Sunkist are bright shrimps that will make your tank pop. As in pop, you can see them from a far without a problem. Their striking color stands out against dark substrate. Orange Sunkist’s grade can vary from a dark saturated orange to a lighter orange.

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Neocaridina Davidi

Care: Easy

pH: 6.0 – 8.0

Temperature Range: 20 – 28 C

TDS: 150-250 ppm

GH: 4-8 dGH

KH: 3-15 dKH

Life Span: 1.5 -2.5 years

Size: 2 – 3cm

Diet: Omnivore

Habitat: Freshwater, Fully Aquatic

Breeding: Easy

Gestation Period: 30 Days

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