Saturn Shrimp

Blue Jelly


Blue Jelly Shrimp:

  • Easy to keep on both dechlorinated tap water and RO with shrimp minerals
  • Stunning light blue color on dark/light substrates
  • Some shrimplets can be red, so be patient and let them grow
  • Our preferred water treatments are Dennerle Aqua Elixier (500ml) for tap water
  • Our preffered additive for RO water is Shrimp King Minerals – GH/KH+

130 in stock

Blue Jelly shrimp are a Neocaridina species and are much easier to keep than Caridina species. Keep these shrimp in a well established/cycled aquarium and they will provides endless entertainment for you and your family and friends. Relatively easy to breed, many hobbyist enjoy the success of seeing their colony grow and seeing the little shrimplets from start to to adulthood.

Our shrimp are sold at 1cm – 1,5cm in size. Age of the shrimp at this size is 3 – 4 months. We sell shrimp at this size for 2 reasons:

  1. The younger shrimps acclimate better to new environments and also travel better over long distances.
  2. They will live longer for you and grow up with your maintenance habits and aquarium keeping traits. Everyone does this a little different.

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