Dennerle All for Betta Care


Protection and care for fighting fish

  • Protects and cares for the mucous membrane, gills and fins, reduces stress and stimulates the immune system
  • With natural aloe vera, sea almond tree extract, medicinal herb extracts, dexpanthenol, vitamins and iodine
  • For the well-being and vitality of your Betta

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Betta Care, 250ml

The care for your Betta

Betta Care is a water care product for providing effective protection and complete care especially for fighting fish (Betta splendens). Natural humic and fulvic acids, in combination with valuable sea almond tree extract and natural aloe vera, protect and care for the sensitive mucous membranes, gills and fins. Carefully selected medicinal herb extracts stimulate the immune system. A vitamin B complex reduces stress. The proven active ingredient dexpanthenol promotes the regeneration of skin and fin damage. The vital element iodine supports healthy thyroid function. For colorful, vital and active fighting fish.

Betta Water, 250ml

Water conditioner for your Betta

Dennerle Betta Water treats tap water for aquariums and makes it safe for fish, shrimp and plants. It neutralizes dangerous chlorine and heavy metals and adds missing active ingredients. It also contains a special fin care complex for betta fish. Other aquarium inhabitants also benefit from its complete protection and care effect. For a functioning aquarium, rich planting, good growing conditions and regular partial water changes are important. For Betta aquariums Dennerle recommends a partial water change of 25-30% per week.

Betta Booster, 30ml

Staple food for all labyrinth fish

Biologically balanced staple food for all fighting fish (bettas), as well as other labyrinth fish, e.g. gouramis. With nutritious crustaceans (8%), tasty insect larvae (27%) and mollusks (4%), vitamin-rich vegetables (9%), valuable herbs (1.5%) and natural plankton algae (0.75%). Due to the special softening process, the granules are as soft as natural food animals and are therefore eaten with particular pleasure. With probiotic lactic acid bacteria and prebiotic agents for healthy intestinal function and optimal nutrient utilization. Beta-glucans from natural raw materials support the body’s immune defenses. Excellent digestibility for reduced water stress. Rich in color-enhancing active ingredients such as astaxanthin for full expression of the species-specific color splendor.

Feeding recommendation

Daily 1 – 2 times as much as the fish eat within ½ minute.
100% nature: Sustainable
35%Crustaceans and insects
Labyrinth fish: Staple food

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