Hygger Aquascaping Tool Kit (Black) – 5 in 1


Package includes:
1 x Curved scissors 27cm
1 x Straight tweezers 27cm
1 x Curved tweezers 27cm
1 x Sand spatula 32cm
1 x Cleaning cloth 19cm x 19cm
1 x Drawstring bag

5 in stock

Premium stainless steel made

Made of quality stainless steel, it’s sturdy, good grip, and no rusting. The aquatic plant tools are black which look cool and premium. Black paint was sprayed on the whole tool to prevent the metal tools getting rusting.

Perfect for aquarium starters

This great toolkit is a must have for an easier aquascaping. You’d better use it for small and mini fish tanks.

Wide application tool set

The curved pruning scissors with thick blades is sharp enough for easy trimming. The 2 anti-slip design tweezers is good for adjusting, picking out something, planting, or feedings. The sand spatula is good for smoothing out substrate and scrapping the algae.

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