Ember Tetra

  • Schooling, peaceful fish
  • Popular in the aquascaping hobby
  • Striking orange fire red body
  • Nano fish, great for any size aquarium

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The Ember Tetra has grown to be an extremely popular fish among aquascapers. They are friendly community fish that are great at schooling (which let’s face it, looks amazing!). These nano fish reach a max of about 0.8 inches (~2 cm) and tend to stay at the top or mid level of the aquarium. Because they are smaller fish, it’s almost impossible for them to mess with the aquascape they’re in because they are too small to disturb the substrate if they decide to scavenge for any food in it.

What makes the Ember Tetra such a strong candidate to add into a planted tank is its color. Once these fish are comfortable in their environment, they will fire up and become a vibrant red. This contrasts very nicely against the green of the aquatic plants. The Ember Tetra is definitely one of the go-to fish for aquascapers.

Picture credit: https://inlandaquatics.com/ember-tetra-fish-feeding-and-care-guide/

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